Wild Game Processing - Nick's Meats
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Wild Game Processing

Award Winning Meat Processors

Process your Deer at Nick’s

A Note From Nick’s

Pride and Time create products that keep the promise of quality. That’s why we at Nick’s work so hard to earn your trust and offer a variety of smoked items made with our unique blend of spices, select meats and careful preparation. We’ve added vacuum packaging for freezer ready convenience and preservation of product freshness. We’re proud to have topped all award winners at our National and Tri-State competitions and think that these accomplishments speak for themselves. For Old- fashioned country-style goodness and quality, we hope you choose Nick’s.

  • All prices based on fresh weight, not finished weight
  • All items packaged FREEZER READY
  • Prices subject to change depending on market prices
  • *Please allow 1 to 4 months for your order to be processed, We will call you when your order is ready to be picked up.

To Guarantee Quality & Safety

  1. Hang deer and wash carcass and inside cavity out with cold water. Body heat, which promotes bacteria growth, will be trapped if lying flat.
  2. Once hanging, prop open the chest cavity with a stick so heat can escape.
  3. DO NOT DELAY in getting your venison to us (with the hide on).
  4. Don’t soak trim in water or salt water.
  5. PLEASE DO NOT PUT TRIMMINGS IN GARBAGE BAGS!! They are made from oils and contain harmful toxins that can contaminate your meat. Remove all bones, hair, blood clots, rib meat and miscellaneous debris.
Whole Deer Processing Rates!!
$120.00 (If Property Field Dressed)
$10.00 Hide saving fee, $10.00 Carc. Disp.Fee/per deer

Nick’s Specialty Meat Rates

Summer Sausage…$3.39lb
Red Pepper Summer…$3.49lb
Cheddar Cheese Summer…$3.89lb
Jalapeno/Cheese Summer…$3.99lb
1/3 Pork & Beef added, 10% Shrink
All summer sausage are gluten free


Ring Bologna…$3.79lb
Fresh Bratwurst…$3.19lb
Breakfast Patties…$3.19lb
Smoked Cheddarwurst…$4.19lb
Country Sausage…$3.79lb
1/3 Pork added

Reg. Snack Sticks…$4.29lb
Habanero Sticks…$4.29lb
Cheese Snack Sticks…$4.79lb
Teriyaki Snack Sticks…$4.29lb
BBQ Sticks…$4.29lb
Hot Pepper Cheese Sticks…$4.59lb
20% Beef & Pork added, 20% Shrink

Ground and Formed Jerky…$5.25lb
Burger Grinding…$0.60 per lb